God – If He Hung The Moon I Know He Will Help You

I love the song “If He Hung The Moon.”  It is a really sad but uplifting song because you realize how much God loves you.   You feel his power and amazing grace in this beautiful song.

The chorus goes like this…

And if He hung the moon,
I know He will help you,
And if He holds the sparrow in flight,
He’ll hold you too,
Just consider the lilies of the field,
How much more He loves you,
In the beginning of time, you were on His mind,
When He hung the moon

It’s an amazing song that gets your attention and touches your heart.  God’s omnipotence and omnipresence is here with us and we can feel it in this song.  I went from feeling down to filling uplifted with hope and purpose after hearing this song.

Depending on who sings it you will get a different feel for the song.  There is a really good version that will touch your heart at http://calvarymissionarybaptistchurch.org by Karaley Roberts.   Enjoy.

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