Jesus Christ Is The Light of The World

The Bible says that Jesus is the light of the world and came to save man from sin and death.  The world knew him not.  The world rejected him.  Jesus suffered and felt the pain of rejection.  There are a lot of people in the world that claim to know God but don’t Jesus.

The Bible clearly states that all have to come through Jesus Christ.   We need to keep our focus on Jesus.  If we take our focus off Jesus we take our focus off God.  We cannot serve God if we are not serving Jesus Christ.  This is a very important fact in the Bible that people fail to see.

People are focusing on what is right for them.  People will worship anything that pleases them but the Bible is clear that Jesus paid for our sins.

God the father has given all power to Jesus.   Do you refer to Jesus as God?   Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.  He came to pay the price because no one can live the law perfectly.   Man is bound by sin.  We are far from perfect.  Through the law we become aware of our inability to maintain the law.  The law puts us under conviction.  We come to realize that we cannot be 100% obedient to the law all the time.

To reach heaven, we must be cleansed from this sin.  We cannot do this ourselves as has been proven through the law.  We need Jesus Christ in order to pay the debt of those sins.  Sin is a negative force within us.  We cannot become children of God and enter heaven having Sin.  We need Jesus Christ to cleanse us of this sin.  He will remove the sin through repentance-salvation, and seal our soul until the last day of judgment.

Jesus is the light of the world.  The world will plunge into darkness if we take our focus from Jesus.

When we take our focus from Jesus we in other words build our own golden calf.  Whatever it may be.  We take our eyes off of Jesus and establish our own righteousness in our own image.  Our natural human tendency is to do this.  We have to come to the realization that our perception of reality of what is right and wrong is not the standard.  The word of Jesus Christ God is the standard.   What do yo focus on?

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