Have You Been Wounded For Jesus Christ?

If you got saved and became a Christian, it is very likely that you will receive rejection from your friends and people at work or school.  The good news is that they are not rejecting you, they are rejecting God so don’t get upset or sad.  The carnal mind does not want anything to do with God.  The Ego is the enemy.

There might be times when you are fighting for God’s cause.  You are defending a Christian point of view and people around you put you down and say mean things.  Don’t worry my brothers and sisters.  God is with you and Glory to God.  You are doing the right thing if you are standing up for what is right.  Never give up.  God will be by your side.

The Bible is full of examples of God’s people being rejected, crucified, tortured, burned, and killed.   Anytime you are trying do the right thing you are going to be fought.   This is a fact.  You will be taunted and tempted by either the people around you or your mind trick you to double think the situation.  You will have thoughts of fear or shortcuts that take away the Glory from God.  Don’t give into this temptation.

God is watching you and is by your side always.  Jesus Christ will walk with you through the pain and suffering.  Just lean against him in your mind and heart.  Take a moment and trust in him.  Close your eyes and envision yourself leaning against Jesus for help, comfort, and most of all Trust.  He will be there to help you.  Be persistent with your request and God will show up in your moment.  Trust in this and it will be so.

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