Are You Neglecting God and Jesus?

If you are like many people who only read the bible once in a while and only pray once in a while or when things go bad, then you are neglecting God and Jesus.  We are all guilty of this sin because we get caught up in our lives and in the world.

It is easy for anyone to get in a selfish mode because there are so many distractions in the world especially if you watch television.  With hundreds of channels to choose from nowadays, it is really hard to put the remote control down and open the Bible, read, and pray.

Our lives have become unmanageable and we’ve become to busy.  We might have the wrong friends that keep us away from what is truly right.  Our hearts are taken away by our lusts and we just don’t have enough time anymore.

God will judge more those who had more opportunity and did nothing with it.  The good news is  that we still have time while we are on this earth.  When we are ready to be led, God is ready to show us the way.  God is a leader and will lead us to doing his will.

To him that is much give, more shall be required.  When we receive blessings, we need to realize that we need to do something with these blessings.  It may be to give God the thanks and the glory for the success.  If it is monetary, we need to tithe and give back to the community.  We need to send money to charity and goodwill.  Also, it is important that we send donations to missionaries in the field that are struggling to get by and have little resources.  They may be in a foreign country and might need your support.

All the things that God blesses us with, what have we done with it.  Think about this for a moment.  We are accountable for all the knowledge and experience and resources we have.  Are we getting the word out?  What are we doing on a daily basis for Jesus Christ
Take advantage of the opportunity that is available to you.

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