How Does God Love?

We can never fully understand the love of God.   God is perfect in love and is all loving.  That means he has infinite love which we cannot understand.  Our human nature is governed by our ego which is full of jealousy, hatred, anger, green iniquity, and pride.

Let’s say If you were a farmer and your neighbor was a farmer also but he was a man full of sin and let’s say he didn’t really care for God’s things but rather had a bad history.   Imagine that you were a good neighbor, loved God, worshiped God, and served God.

One day you wake up and see that your crops aren’t so great but your sinful neighbors has all the best crops in abundance.   His work yields a much better crop and he rubs it in your face.  You look at your fields and they don’t look so great.

Your first reaction is to get angry, then you might get jealous.  Then you might start talking behind there back.   You might wonder why if you serve the lord and your neighbor is a sinner, why does God yield him a better crop.  Does God love him more?

How does God love us?  Although he is a sinner, God loves him just as much as he loves you.  This is the love of God that we cannot understand.  The rain came down on your crop equally as much as his.  God did his job and blessed both of you equally with enough rain.

How much should we love our neighbor then?  Jesus says we should love and forgive 70×7 or 490 times but our immediate reaction is not love or forgiveness.  So how can we expect to be blessed more than our neighbor when we have not loved or forgiven him.  We have judged him and condemned him as a sinner.

If we don’t have love or forgiveness, we have missed the message of Jesus Christ.   Many times God puts us in awkward situations like this.  It is so that we can learn to love the way he wants us to love.  It is so hard to be human and not have these negative emotions but we have to learn the hard way many times that these negative emotions are what are holding as back from the abundant life God wants us to have on earth and in heaven.

True freedom in this world comes when we learn to live a real christian life.  That does not mean that we need to be a doormat but we need to love and forgive in such a way that we never knew before.

The underlying message in the bible is this love and forgiveness.  This message is subtle throughout the bible as the coming of the messiah Jesus Christ to show us an example of how we should love.  He died on the cross for our sins.  That’s how much he loves and forgives that he went through that torture for you and I.  What a wonderful God we serve.

If we learn to serve other we serve ourselves.  Not that we should go into it with false intentions or be fake to win brownie points but rather have a changing of the heart and mind through Jesus Christ so that we might be made into loving spiritual people.  We should pass this message to others and keep our hope and faith alive through Christ.

We should trust God everyday and pray that he will light our path and teach us how to love and forgive every moment of the day.   We need to love and forgive our neighbor in order to be blessed by God.  This means that we need to get humble and pray.   We need to humbly understand that although we are Christians, God has blessed our neighbor with extra knowledge and understanding that we do not know of.

Maybe the lesson is that if we love and forgive our neighbor the way we should, he will change and learn to love through the message of Jesus Christ and he will become our true friend and teach us his knowledge also.  Love, forgiveness, humility, and gratitude.  This is awesome wisdom from the Bible.

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