Church Locations

There are Missionary Baptist Churches throughout the world.  If you are traveling, if you are in town, please stop by and visit us.  Come hear the word of God.  Hear The gospel of salvation by grace through the faith of Jesus Christ.

If God is has been working with you and is leading you, if you are seeking a real experience, come to our services.  We believe in a living God that has mercy on our soul through repentance.  When we seek God, he convicts us and shows us our separation from him through our sin.  Although this is painful, it is a blessing because he is working with us.  When we are saved, we feel it in our heart through an experience from God.

This is a supernatural experience where we feel God’s mercy and forgiveness giving us eternal life and adopting us into his family.  We are now children of God.  We are then changed and have eternal life through Christ.  Read Romans 7 and 8.

Here is a directory of Missionary Baptist Churches and Global Missions.

Here is a location tool to find Missionary Baptist Churches in your state.

God Bless.