God – If He Hung The Moon I Know He Will Help You

I love the song “If He Hung The Moon.”  It is a really sad but uplifting song because you realize how much God loves you.   You feel his power and amazing grace in this beautiful song.

The chorus goes like this…

And if He hung the moon,
I know He will help you,
And if He holds the sparrow in flight,
He’ll hold you too,
Just consider the lilies of the field,
How much more He loves you,
In the beginning of time, you were on His mind,
When He hung the moon

It’s an amazing song that gets your attention and touches your heart.  God’s omnipotence and omnipresence is here with us and we can feel it in this song.  I went from feeling down to filling uplifted with hope and purpose after hearing this song.

Depending on who sings it you will get a different feel for the song.  There is a really good version that will touch your heart at http://calvarymissionarybaptistchurch.org by Karaley Roberts.   Enjoy.

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Faith – The Substance of Things Hoped For The Evidence of Things not Seen

What is faith?  Is there a difference in just regular faith and blind faith?  Sometimes we are put in situations where we are tried.  We are put to the test and rely on just blind faith.  While it can be uncomfortable and painful at the moment, what else can we really do but wait upon the Lord with all our faith and trust.

Our first reaction at times can be to take action or do something about it but sometimes that is easier said than done.  If we are in a pickle, we are stuck and have to wait in out.  If we are in the hospital or waiting for someone in the hospital we are in a situation where there is not much we can do.  In this example all we can do is pray, but how do we pray?

God says to trust in him with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.  I think that most people do not know how to do this.  I can say this because God recently showed me this in a personal situation.  There are degrees of faith, hope, and trust.  It’s not until we are under extreme pressure and suffering that we can exert the force behind the highest degrees of these things.

I think that most of times when we have problems we tend to pray a little.  We tend to have a little faith and a little hope inside.  We might have the right intentions and all but we are missing something.

I had an experience recently where God put me flat on my face.  I had nowhere else to turn but to God and pray with all my might.  I had done this to a degree for several weeks, crying out to God but this time it was different.   I prayed out loud and cried out to God for help.  I asked him for forgiveness and help with my problems.  I begged for mercy in despair.  I prayed for him to give me the answers and the courage to move forward.  I repented.  I drooled and had snot hanging out of my nose.  I totally surrendered.  I gave him my complete trust and asked him to help me.

When I got done, I felt much better.  You might think, this guy just needed a good cry but I can tell you I felt an intervention.  God is at working on my problems and has a plan.  I can feel it inside.  This is the evidence of faith.  My job is to trust in him.  My job is to keep hope alive and have faith that he has a solution.    I have to keep trusting in my Lord my God.  The living God.   What a wonderful loving God he is, to hear me.

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I love God Because He First Loved Me

I am just so amazed at the love that God has.  Throughout the entire Bible, there is a constant theme.  That theme is love.  Even if it is for chastisement, the love is consistent throughout.

We cannot understand this perfect love because we are not perfect in love ourselves.  I think that if we truly understood it this world would be a much better place.  Love is the answer.  You’ve might of heard this before but do you really know what this means?

When you don’t really feel like doing something for someone but it is the right thing to do, and you do it, this is love.  When you are down but you push through the pain to come through for someone, this is love.   When you are tired, and you go to work for the ones you love, this is love.  When you are forgiving and trusting in God, this is love.

We can be made perfect through Jesus Christ through repentance of our sins.  When we seek God out with all our mind, heart, soul, and strength, no matter the outcome, this is love.  When God gives us the faith to move past the doubt in our minds, this is love.

God’s love is with us more than we know.  God wants us to trust him and acknowledge that he is providing more than we know.   We need to thank God more and let him be the center of our lives.  When we do this, we show our faith and love and the blessings start to pour in.  Amen.

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