Are You Where You Ought To Be With God?

There is an important message of understanding of God and ourselves in that we have a sinful flesh and cannot do good unless we repent and have Jesus Christ in us. We think we can be good people but the Bible says that are works are as filthy rags. Think about it. Every time we think we are doing good, it is for our self glory. It is to feel good about ourselves and to get a sense of accomplishment.

The message in the Bible speaks that there is only one that is good enough and that is Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus that we can become good people. My flesh is weak and I am constantly thinking in the flesh. It is only when I live through Jesus that I can get outside of myself and glorify God.

When I repent daily as the Apostle Paul said, I die daily. This means that my ego and flesh needs to die because all my intentions are self-serving instead of God serving. We need to be servants of God’s will and not of ourselves. We need to be careful when we are doing good works and ask ourselves, are we doing it for our self-satisfaction or are we doing it to please God. There is a fine line. Our nature is to feel like we are doing good for people but it is just a perception. Although our perception may look true, it is in the eyes of God that we are judged.

We need to be close to God and repent daily in order to stay the course. Our ego needs to be put in check daily because it can get out of control quickly. Our ego can grow into a monster and take over our lives. When everything falls apart and we are up to our knees in crocodiles, we immediately wonder why all this is happening to us. We cannot understand why but it is because we built a false reality based on our own desires.

When we serve the lord, we serve ourselves in a righteous way rather than a worldly way. This is very difficult to attain with truly ask for God to help. Our flesh is too weak and we are tempted daily.

Follow the first commandment and put God first. Love God with all your mind, heart, soul, and strength. Trust in God with all your will. This is what he asks of us. Everything else he will give to us if we just do this one thing.

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