I love God Because He First Loved Me

I am just so amazed at the love that God has.  Throughout the entire Bible, there is a constant theme.  That theme is love.  Even if it is for chastisement, the love is consistent throughout.

We cannot understand this perfect love because we are not perfect in love ourselves.  I think that if we truly understood it this world would be a much better place.  Love is the answer.  You’ve might of heard this before but do you really know what this means?

When you don’t really feel like doing something for someone but it is the right thing to do, and you do it, this is love.  When you are down but you push through the pain to come through for someone, this is love.   When you are tired, and you go to work for the ones you love, this is love.  When you are forgiving and trusting in God, this is love.

We can be made perfect through Jesus Christ through repentance of our sins.  When we seek God out with all our mind, heart, soul, and strength, no matter the outcome, this is love.  When God gives us the faith to move past the doubt in our minds, this is love.

God’s love is with us more than we know.  God wants us to trust him and acknowledge that he is providing more than we know.   We need to thank God more and let him be the center of our lives.  When we do this, we show our faith and love and the blessings start to pour in.  Amen.

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